Wednesday, September 3


I'm a great fan of the SEX141 Web site here in Hong Kong. It provides information about local girls - including pics, addresses, charging schedules, and other information - on a daily basis. It's a service for locals, but even if you don't read Chinese it's relatively easy to navigate. If you've clicked onto the link above, you'll be looking at clickable thumbs for lots of girls. That bit's easy: just click on any girl you like and all her information along with additional pictures are displayed. Choosing is the easy bit. Knowing who you've chosen, where she is, what's she's charging and other information is a bit more tricky if you're character-challenged. If you use this page as a reference guide, however, you should be able to work out essential information.

If you look at the main page, you'll see it consists of three main sections:

1. The horizontal section under the main site banner, consisting of a) a top line of seven major links, and b) another section made up of three lines of clickable blue Chinese characters on a pink background.
2. A vertical box on the left consisting of numbers and Chinese characters on a pink background.
3. A main white box in which thumbnail clickable portraits of girls are contained.

First, some general points. The information in the vertical box and thumbnail portraits are updated daily and on any given day provide the latest additions from three or four days previous at most. You can find details on girls going way back, but more on that later. If you've looked at the site even three days ago and come back don't be surprised to find the girl you had your eye on has scrolled off the screen. Don't worry, you can find her! Hopefully...

Okay, to specific information.

1. a) The top horizontal box.

The upper part of the top box, consisting of seven major links (reading from left to right). I'll also link to the page from here to make things easier.

Babe database - This is actually the page I've linked to. This is it, the babe database.

New babes this week. This should be a list of thumbs for all the girls added to the database for the current week. Whereas the page above usually has thumbs for 18 girls, this one might have around 150 or more thumbs. I told you they update daily!

Discussion area. This is a forum for m

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